The Basics


Birthday?  9/25

Favorite  color? Terra Cotta 

Favorite  Band? The Hunts

Favorite  Food? French  Fries

Favorite  Drink?  Sweet Tea

What  I  drive? M o m  v a n 

Favorite  place  to  shop? Target 

Coffee  Order? something cinnamon

Favorite season? Fall  or Spring






Interesting things about me 

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart

a mama to 4 beautiful children

 We are a certified foster family

  I'm an enneagram 9



Things that inspire me

my beautiful family 

feel good music 

singing at the top of my lungs

Growing things 

Dancing in the kitchen

eating french fries 

watercolor painting


Feeling the sun-light

01 Start Again - The Hunts

A song I love