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The Basics


Birthday?  9/25

Favorite  color? Terra Cotta 

Favorite  Band? The Hunts, and Queen

Favorite  Food? French  Fries

Favorite  Drink?  Sweet Tea

What  I  drive? M o m  v a n 

Favorite  place  to  shop? Target 

Coffee? Iced Brown Sugar espresso

Favorite season? Fall  and  Summer





Interesting things about me 

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart

a mama to 4 beautiful children

 We are a certified foster family

  I'm an enneagram 9



Things that inspire me

my beautiful family 

feel good music 

singing at the top of my lungs


Dancing in the kitchen




Feeling the sun-light

01 - To Love Somebody

A song I love

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